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What Exactly Are Probiotics?

Probiotic bacteria are the good bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. There are in fact 10 times more probiotics in your gut than cells in the rest of your body.

When there is an imbalance in your gut from low levels of good bacteria, it may become a breeding ground for bad bacteria, yeast, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

A bottle of Probiotic 40-Billion contains 60 capsules

One of the best ways you can begin to replace the essential good bacteria in your body is to eliminate foods that feed bad bacteria and start consuming probiotic-rich foods or probiotic supplements. That’s where Probiotic 40-Billion steps in.

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Natural and Effective Ingredients

Probiotic 40-Billion is made with natural ingredients and extracts that may support healthy digestion, promote healthy intestinal flora.

Made in the US

Probiotic 40-Billion is made in the US within an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. Ingredients in the formula are both domestic and imported.

Trusted Worldwide

Probiotic 40-Billion ingredients are widely considered safe to consume and are used by thousands of people worldwide.

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Understanding Bacteria

Many of us grow up with the idea that bacteria is a bad thing. We are taught that bacteria are germs, that they are harmful and that they can make us sick. Which in some instances may be true, but it is not the full story. Bacteria are also essential to our existence and our health. Bacteria help us digest food, they deliver vitamins from food into the body and they also help to support a healthy immune system.

Good Bacteria

Good bacteria helping in digestion

Good bacteria is absolutely essential to healthy gut flora. Good bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, are suggested to help with enhancing and stimulating a healthy immunity. Lactobacillus may also help to protect us from the adverse effects of bad bacteria.

How to promote good bacteria

The most effective way to enhance and improve gut flora is to regularly eat foods that contain an abundance of friendly probiotic bacteria such as:

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  • Pickled vegetables
  • Fermented milk products
  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Fermented soy products

Probiotic 40- Billion is a convenient way for you to include beneficial bacteria to your diet. Probiotic supplements require no preparation, fermenting time, or any cooking and can be taken wherever you go.

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Bad Bacteria

images of bad bacteria

Bad bacteria, or what is otherwise referred to as pathogenic bacteria, are responsible for several adverse effects on the body. Commonly experienced effects include food poisoning, diarrhea, and stomach pains. There are several more complex and harmful bad bacteria strains that scientists are aware of that may lead to more serious conditions.

What causes bad bacteria?

Having low levels of good bacteria in your gut can create a breeding ground for bad bacteria to form. There are several other causes for this:

  • Sugar
  • GMO foods
  • Emotional stress
  • Chemicals and medication
  • Gluten

Probiotic 40-Billion Key Ingredients

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Image of intestine

Lactobacillus acidophilus can be found in the intestinal tract in the gut. Lactobacillus acidophilus may assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. Source 1

Bifidobacterium lactis

Old couple enjoying together

Bifidobacterium lactis is known for its suggested benefits in supporting the body's immune response. Bifidobacterium lactis is also suggested to help in supporting cellular immunity in the elderly. Source 2

Lactobacillus plantarum

Fruit image

Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the most beneficial bacteria in your body. Lactobacillus plantarum is known for its suggested health benefits as a form of digestive support. It is also suggested to support healthy levels of cholesterol. Source 3

Lactobacillus paracasei

Girl image

Lactobacillus Paracasei is known for its suggested benefits in helping reduce the adverse effects of diarrhea in infants. It is also suggested to help provide support for pollen related allergies. Source 4

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Testimonials from our customers

Don't just take our word for it, thousands of people have experienced the beneficial effects of adding probiotics to their diet for themselves and this is what a few of them had to say.

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Seen Improvement - Karen (2019 June 13)

I bought them for my dad, and he says it’s working for him. The delivery was very fast.

  Yes, I would recommend this product

Great product! - Frank (2019 June 06)

This product has played a big role in reducing symptoms of gastritis. Great product!

  Yes, I would recommend this product

I feel fantastic - Anhit (2019 April 23)

Only been 2 weeks using Probiotic40 and feel fantastic, great stuff guys.

  Yes, I would recommend this product

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Change Your Gut, Change Your Life

Gut health is undoubtedly a subject that is gaining a lot of attention, not only in mainstream media but form the medical community. Poor gut health and its correlation to several bodily ailments and conditions, is promoting people to think more about what they choose to put into their body. Probiotics as a means of promoting good gut health is a subject that people care more about, with a trend in people consuming more probiotic-rich foods.

Gut feeling woman
Promotes a Healthy Immunity

Probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt and naturally fermenting foods are suggested to support a healthy immunity in the body. Source 5

Promotes a Healthy Immunity
Support For Healthy Urinary Tract

While you should always consult a medical professional, the use of probiotics may help to provide support for natural and healthy urinary tract function. Source 6

Support For Healthy Urinary Tract
Supports Healthy Digestive Function

Probiotics and their use a means to improve healthy digestive function is becoming more popular. This has been suggested in some studies. Source 7

Supports Healthy Digestive Function
Support For Adverse Digestive Symptoms

While the medical community is still discovering the benefits of probiotics, recent studies suggest that probiotic supplements may be possibly effective for providing natural support for adverse digestive function. Source 8

Support For Adverse Digestive Symptoms
Promotes Healthy Skin

Probiotics have also been suggested to improve the skins ability to provide natural support against bad bacteria, which can in some cases lead to irritable skin. Source 9

Promotes Healthy Skin
Natural Support Against Bad Bacteria

Bad bacteria are apparent more and more in our diets these days. Many people have experienced adverse effects of what is commonly referred to as ‘food poisoning”. Probiotic bacteria help to replenish the good bacteria that may be lost during these adverse effects.Source 10

Natural Support Against Bad Bacteria

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Probiotics in the Media

The ingredients inside Probiotic 40-Billion formula have been the most talked about probiotic solutions on the market. Probiotic 40-Billion has 40 billion probiotic bacteria in every capsule!

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"As an additive to your diet, probiotics found in foods or in supplements may certainly be beneficial to your health."

Published Fox News, March 2012

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"When you lose "good" bacteria in your body (like after you take antibiotics, for example), probiotics can help replace them."

Reviewed by WebMD, January 2017

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"Under normal or "balanced" conditions, friendly bacteria in the gut outnumber the unfriendly ones. Probiotics can act as gut-beneficial bacteria that create a physical barrier against unfriendly bacteria."

Published by Harvard Medical School, January 2014


No. Probiotic 40-Billion is available for purchase without a medical prescription.
Probiotic 40-Billion contains 60 capsules in every bottle, this is equivalent to 1-month supply.
The effects gained in consuming Probiotic 40-Billion have been enjoyed almost immediately by some of our customers. Individual results may vary.
Probiotic 40-Billion should be supplemented with a normal diet. Take as directed, and consult a medical professional if you are unsure of any ingredients.
Using Probiotic 40-Billion you may enjoy an increase in lifestyle health. However, as with any gut health support supplement, it is always best to have a good diet and include at least some amount of regular exercise.
By using Probiotic 40-Billion you may experience healthy and natural support for supporting regular digestive function. IBS can be a harmful condition, and while Probiotic 40-Billion may support natural and healthy digestion, we always suggest consulting a trained medical professional.
Probiotic 40-Billion is made with natural ingredients that are widely regarded as safe, however, if you do experience any unwanted side effects from taking it we recommend consulting with a medical professional immediately to see if Probiotic 40-Billion is right for you.
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Changing your gut may be the first step in changing your life

Take back control of your digestive system. Try Probiotic 40-Billion today; see what amazing benefits probiotics can do for you, and finally get the life you deserve.

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Finely printed bottles of Probiotic 40-Billion
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